Critical Media offer the complete creative mix spread across a wealth of applications and deliverables. We pride ourselves on our ability to get to the core of any project and deliver highly effective communication through top notch, cutting edge execution, designed to maximise you and your businesses impact in your market...

We do this by...

ListeningNo matter what the desired end result may be, the beginning of any creative journey starts in the same way for us, with a conversation. We listen to your vision, what it is you want to achieve, what your goals are and what your ultimate aspirations are. We need to know about you and your business. We consider this the most important part of the entire creative process as our delivery will only ever be as good as our understanding of the brief.

Research and Market AnalysisIt stands to reason that the better prepared we are before we pick up and sharpen our crayons, the more we're able to offer the brief.

CreatingAKA, the fun part. From doodles on a napkin right the way through to a complete and comprehensive delivery, this is where we come into our own. Tapping into all that you have told us, all that we have discovered and our years of experience, we then set about creating something unique, memorable and above all, yours! Everything we create is bespoke and in direct response to the challenge we've accepted.

DevelopingWe like to think that as creators of your vision, we'll continue it's development long after the project has made it's tentative steps away from our building. Whether it's to continue the development of your brand, code new and exciting additions to your website or put all that into print, we want to grow with you as a trusted partner and friend, sharing in each others success.


A good solid brand is the most important facet to how your company is perceived within the market it operates. A good solid brand can really make you as a company, showing your customers, your competition and your peers what you think of yourself as a business and setting out a set of principles by which you plan to (or currently do) run your business.

Your logo & brand image is the first 'visual' impression you give your customers and as we all know, first impressions are exactly that - your one go at a decent hello.

We specialise in creating, developing and maintaining brands no matter what shape or size this may take - no re-launch is too big or tweak is too small! From start up design to brand guidelines, developing existing concepts or a complete re-brand, we understand the process and will create the look we will all be proud of.


All in a days work

  • Creative concepts
  • Brand development
  • Typography research
  • Existing logo amends
  • Colour selection
  • Logos for print & screen
  • Brand guidelines
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We believe that good design can live comfortably in any environment and this is why our hugely talented and experienced design team can deliver their ideas in any given format. Whilst the need for printed material has shifted over the last few years, alongside the changing way people consume information, we have found that our customers are still not ready to completely neglect the fabulous opportunities that print represents.

Still a very important part of the marketing and creative mix, print offers our customers a tangible and infinitely manageable 'leave behind' - Not reliant on anyone else's computer or browser set up or the technology available, we control the quality and finish and there's nothing like the touch, the feel and the smell of good print...

Design for print takes many forms and we can manage and have a wealth of experience in a multitude of deliveries. From corporate stationary, brochures, posters, magazine, flyers, billboards, wallpaper, signage, annual reports, uniforms, car wraps and much much more - if it can be printed, we'll make sure it's impeccably designed.

We also have long standing relationships with a variety of different print specialists and are able to buy print in at a very competitive price.


All in a days work

  • Annual reports
  • Corporate Stationary
  • Brochures & leave behinds
  • Posters & Bill boards
  • Magazines & Books
  • Packaging & POS
  • Exhibition stands
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Creating fabulous, user friendly and intuitive websites is what we love to do. The creative process is no different to any other Critical Media delivery, all based around what you want your site to be but driven by what we are able to include and what we ultimately make it become.

We create and code websites for all shapes and sizes, from exciting business start-ups to large multi faceted corporate beasts. The design is our opportunity to bring your brand to life in a digital environment, reflecting the brand styling and corporate image we've either set up or been asked to reflect. We never forget though that we are merely supplying the expertise to colour in your vision and are very keen for all our customers to retain a certain level of ownership over the creative ebb and flow.

We are also experts in what goes on in the background of your website and in particular, producing the right environment for you to easily manage your content. We offer many ways of going about this from off the shelf solutions, such as (wordpress, expression engine, magento etc) to our own bespoke, tailor-made CMS, designed to fit perfectly around your exacting requirements. No two website are the same and our allegiance to no specific product or solution enables us to objectively advise and administer the right fit for your individual needs.

From simple brochure sites through to highly complex ecommerce sites, we can deliver what ever your digital requirement might be. Digital mailers, complex bespoke CMSs, intuitive navigation - all in a day's work!


All in a days work

  • Bespoke CMS Creation
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile sites
  • Social media management
  • SEO & Google Analytics
  • Email & web Hosting
  • Training and support
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and all the rest

Marketing & PR

Offering a full mix of both traditional and digital marketing, from campaign design and implementation, to PR management and analysis...


Whether you need copy for your brochure, content for your website or social networking updates, we can adopt any tone needed to communicate your message...

SEO & Analytics

What's the point in having a lovely shiny website that no one can find? We can help build visibility so that you shine as you should...

Campaign Design

You tell us what you want to say and we'll work out the most effect way of saying it, and indeed, where you are most likely to be heard...

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If there's anything we've not already told you about the wonderful things we can achieve for you and your business, come in for a chat and try our exquisite coffee...