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magazine design services

At Critical Media, we are well versed at designing magazines that not only stand out from the crowd but become real page-turners.

Whether you have a large or small readership, applying creative and stylish designs to your magazine layouts can help captivate the audience, keeps things interesting and engage your readers.

We work on all types of magazines, from consumer to business and everything in between, and can help you refresh, redesign or create publications from scratch.

Contractual magazine design Services we offer:

Magazines set-up

We are here to inject some serious style into your publication. After all, good design makes the content easier to comprehend and more enjoyable to consume.

Interested? Then it’s time to get inspired! Contact us today for a bespoke quote.

Market & competitor research

In order to generate a winning creative that complements your content and fuels publication growth, we need to ensure that we fully understand your niche.

Digging into the marketplace and demographic of a possible magazine launch allows us to fully understand what your business has to offer, the content you create, and the terminology, audience, and competitors within your industry.

Conceptual design of magazine masthead (the magazine logo & brand)

Together we want to make memorable mastheads and create captivating covers, to ensure that your title not only stands out but fits into its desired market.

Our professional magazine designers will build a brand book and keep it up-to-date, as we work in conjunction with you.

Conceptual design of all the page templates

We can create a style guide of grids, colours and fonts – specifically for your publication – to ensure that your magazine remains consistent across all issues.

We’ll help you develop your brand across a multitude of sections throughout the whole magazine, developing regular sections and features.

Using supplied copy or placement holding text, we can provide your editorial teams with content templates which include word counts and markups for layout purposes.

full service magazine production company

Magazine re-design

All fabulous designs can get a little tired over time, so a magazine redesign is a good idea to help:

  • Breath new life into your content
  • Keep your readership engaged and interested
  • Demonstrate your desire as a publisher to keep your magazine modern and relevant

We can take an existing title and give it a re-fresh in either a big way (complete re-design, along the same lines as a brand new magazine), or in a more subtle way, tweaking and up-lifting here and there.

After a period of fact-finding with you and some thorough market research, we’ll get to work creating your new-look magazine. We always keep in mind the things that made your title great, and either polish them or combine them within the new concept.

It is important to note that the above process can take a few issues to bed in. We can consult and action-specific any aspects along the way, in order to get you the results you desire.


How we work

  • Every award-winning writer needs a creative genius in order to make their words shine. And at Critical.Media you will be assigned a full-time designer to work on your title and an Art Director to oversee the visuals. Together they will create an identifiable and cohesive look in order to produce the best magazine design for you.
  • We will work remotely with your editorial team, using either DropBox or Google Drive, so that there is seamless communication at all times.
  • We can set up [or adapt to] working formats and file structures to ensure full version control and proofing requirements, plus an easy flow of work which can be managed and overseen.
  • We can assist with all the digital aspects of your magazine, converting it to a digital publication and managing the upload to your app – plus any other requirements. We will make sure that your digital magazine is readable and responsive on every device so that everyone gets the best experience possible.
  • We are experts in print management and can either buy your print for you or manage your existing print relationship. And, with years of professional experience behind us, we can advise and source the best solution, whether it is in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using Critical Media for Magazine Design

We have the marketing expertise to propel your publication to the top and can help you to:

  • Plan for the long-term
  • Prioritise your content
  • Brand consistently
  • Design responsively
  • Engage your readers

We have a proven track record when it comes to getting results and it’s all thanks to our expert team of highly talented ‘senior’ magazine designers.

You won’t need to worry about staff holidays or illness when you work with us, as we are resourced in such a way that we will never miss a deadline and can cover for holidays via our large team of Bournemouth based design fairies.

So choose Critical Media and we’ll combine our industry knowledge with our marketing and design skills, to create you a cost-effective, professional print or digital magazine that performs.