Critical Media offer the complete creative mix spread across a wealth of applications and deliverables.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get to the core of any project and deliver highly effective communication through top notch, cutting edge execution, designed to maximise you and your businesses impact in your market…

We do this by…


No matter what the desired end result may be, the beginning of any creative journey starts in the same way for us, with a conversation. We listen to your vision, what it is you want to achieve, what your goals are and what your ultimate aspirations are. We need to know about you and your business. We consider this the most important part of the entire creative process as our delivery will only ever be as good as our understanding of the brief.

Research and Market Analysis

It stands to reason that the better prepared we are before we pick up and sharpen our crayons, the more we’re able to offer the brief.


AKA, the fun part. From doodles on a napkin right the way through to a complete and comprehensive delivery, this is where we come into our own. Tapping into all that you have told us, all that we have discovered and our years of experience, we then set about creating something unique, memorable and above all, yours! Everything we create is bespoke and in direct response to the challenge we’ve accepted.


We like to think that as creators of your vision, we’ll continue it’s development long after the project has made it’s tentative steps away from our building. Whether it’s to continue the development of your brand, code new and exciting additions to your website or put all that into print, we want to grow with you as a trusted partner and friend, sharing in each others success.


  • Creative concepts
  • Brand development
  • Typography research
  • Existing logo amends
  • Logos for print & screen
  • Brand guidelines
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  • Gorgeous responsive websites
  • WordPress Development
  • Complex Web applications (.Net or PHP)
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media management
  • Email & web Hosting
  • Training and support
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